Date: 1/31/18 5:20 pm
From: Terry Bronson <tbronsonbirds...>
Subject: Stonewall Jackson Lake-Elkins birds
A long day started at Stonewall Jackson Lake in Lewis County and ended at
the Decker's Creek Trail in Preston County. Here are the highlights:

Stonewall Jackson Dam Visitor Center and tailwaters:

Dark-eyed Junco--15 at feeders
White-throated Sparrow--1 at feeders
American Goldfinch--60 at feeders

Curtis Run Road:

Golden-crowned Kinglet--2
Cedar Waxwing--37
Dark-eyed Junco--5
White-throated Sparrow--31, including 1 singing
Song Sparrow--11
Swamp Sparrow--5
Eastern Towhee--2

Intersection of Skin Creek Road and Little Skin Creek Road:

Common Merganser--7

Hog Hollow Road:

Hooded Merganser--3
Common Merganser--34
Brown Creeper--1
Golden-crowned Kinglet--1
Eastern Bluebird--6
Hermit Thrush--1
Dark-eyed Junco--5
White-throated Sparrow--3

Pen's Run Angler's Access and road past WV DNR headquarters:

Red-shouldered Hawk--2
Golden-crowned Kinglet--1
Swamp Sparrow--5

Linger Run Road, Lewis/Upshur Counties:

Eastern Bluebird--5
White-throated Sparrow--4
Eastern Towhee--1

River Bend Park/Glendale Park in Elkins, Randolph County:

Canada Goose--30, including one with a green neck collar with white code
XC20. Submitted to Patuxent Bird Banding Lab.
Green-winged Teal--2
Great Blue Heron--1
European Starling--350
Dark-eyed Junco--4

Decker's Creek Trail north of Burke Road in Preston County:

Short-eared Owl--zero prior to 6:00 pm, when it got too dark to see.

Terry Bronson
Morgantown, WV
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