Date: 1/31/18 3:29 pm
From: Marcy Cunkelman <plant4nature...>
Subject: Re: Hackberry Birds: Evening Grosbeaks
I bought a HACKBERRY about 5 years ago. I do have hackberry and tawny
emperor using the tree. Just wondering how long it takes for berries and if
you need two or more. I would just like some seedlings and keep about 5-6
feet tall so it’s easier to find the caterpillars. I usually use binos or
my camera to find them.

Marcy Cunkelman, Indiana co.

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 8:21 AM Gross, Douglas <dogross...> wrote:

> I have enjoyed the string about hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) which I've
> always thought was an underestimated tree for wildlife & backyard plantings.
> One of my most memorable moments doing Christmas Bird Counts was around
> 1980 in Montoursville helping with the Lycoming County CBC. I heard some
> crackling overhead in a big hackberry tree near the confluence of Loyalsock
> Creek and the West Branch Susquehanna. I could see the hulls & stems of
> hackberry fruits falling on the snow near my feet. Then, I could hear the
> loud chip notes of Evening Grosbeaks above. The grosbeaks were feasting on
> the hackberry fruits. Those Evening Grosbeaks were the only ones recorded
> that year for that CBC with none seen at artificial feeders.
> Chuck Fergus lists several birds & mammals among those that feed on
> hackberry fruits in his Trees of Pennsylvania book.
> Doug Gross
> Greenwood Twp, Columbia County
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