Date: 1/30/18 8:29 pm
From: SeEttaM . <seettam...>
Subject: [texbirds] Rose-throated Becard continues at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge
The female/imm male Rose-throated Becard that has been reported irregularly
for several months continues to be seen at Santa Ana NWR. Also the male
Rose-throated Becard that was found several weeks ago continues to be seen
there. I saw the male today and watched him for about 15 minutes as he
moved from tree to tree, foraging on insects as the fruit it might feed on
is apparently gone now. I have posted a few photos I got of the bird
on my Birds
and Nature blog <> (which I have
updated to a new format).
I do want to note that a birder who was on the bird before I got there
reported that another birder, who had been with one of the two commercial
groups that saw the bird at another area of the refuge, hung back from his
group and played a recording of this species and audaciously said that the
bird had come right in to him in response. I would hope that commercial
groups would educate their members that recordings are not allowed at most
Lower Rio Grande Valley birding sites and at all state and federal
sites. <>The Santa Ana National Wildlife
Refuge is a heavily birded area and especially so in recent weeks due to
the presence of the becard.

SeEtta Moss
Colorado birder currently in Pharr, TX

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