Date: 1/30/18 3:31 pm
From: Herb and Sarah Myers <hesemyers...>
Subject: Dis-ease
Yes, I have dis-ease. After discovering eye disease in House Finches coming
to our feeders, I finally took the feeders down for about a week and a
half. Before putting them back up, I washed them with a Clorox solution. It
was hard to take them down when the weather was bitterly cold and snowing,
so I waited until it warmed a bit.

They have been back up since Sunday. The House Finches are back - with
their eye disease. Even more troubling for me, was seeing an American
Goldfinch today that looked ill and had one eye pasted shut. I guess that
bothered me more because it is a native eastern bird. Of course, now it is
cold, windy and snowing again.

I am talking myself into taking the feeders down again and leaving them
down for a longer period of time. As Casey Rucker says, we would close a
restaurant down that was serving food that was making people sick.
Dis-eased, Herb Myers, Harman, Randolph County
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