Date: 1/30/18 3:25 pm
From: Bob Fowles <rbf...>
Subject: WRS 2018, Ferguson Valley Route, Mifflin County
Winter Raptor Survey, Ferguson Valley, Mifflin County
Saturday, 1/27/2018

Observers: Louie Peight, Amos Swarey, Stephen & Linda Swarey, Bob Fowles (driver)

Start time: 10:00 Stop time: 16:50
Elapsed time: 6 hours 50 minutes
Miles on Route: 78

43 Total raptors and vultures (significantly down from previous years)

1 Black Vulture
1 Turkey Vulture

26 Red-tails (18 AD, 8 ND)
3 American Kestrels (3 M)
1 Sharp-shin (1 ND)
3 Bald Eagles (3 AD) (1 sitting next to a nest, 2 others flying around it)

8 Unidentified raptors

Other species: Canada Goose, Starling, M. Dove, WB Nuthatch, Cardinal, Blue Jay, American Crow, Titmouse, Mockingbird, Bluebird, R. Pigeon, House Finch, RW Blackbird, WC Sparrow, GB Heron, Pileated Woodpecker, RB Woodpecker, Raven, House Sparrow, Common Merganser, Kingfisher

Avg Temperature: 35F
Avg Sky: Mostly Cloudy
Avg Wind: none
Avg Snow Cover: none

Route: Jack's Mt Rd to Ferguson Valley Rd to Burnham, Old Stage Rd to Bannerville, back to Lewistown via roads: Decatur, Samuel Church, Whiskey, Dormontown, Snook, Alfarata, Dry Valley, and Long Ln; then to Maitland and SR 2004 to Lewistown. Rt 103 to River Rd near Fairview. Rt 103 to Pine Glen to River Rd to John St.

[AD=adult, IMM=immature, M=male, F=female, ND=Not Determined, Light=light morph, Dark=dark morph]
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