Date: 1/30/18 11:53 am
From: Laura Paulson <laura...>
Subject: [texbirds] Fwd: eBird Report - Santa Ana NWR (LTC 059), Jan 30, 2018
Hi Texbirders,
Once again we had perfect weather and great birds though many of the birds
were different today. Top of the list: we saw the male Rose-throated
Becard! Found initially by a commercial birding group, the word quickly
went out and many people got to add this handsome guy to their lists today.
So good. More Verdins than we could count, a handsome male Ringed
Kingfisher and a male Hooded Oriole were other highlights.The Hooded was in
the company of a pair of Altamira Orioles and it was great to contrast and
compare them. And our most reliable Common Pauraque, missing-in-action
yesterday, was back today. Did our hearts good.
Special thanks to Tom Unsicker for keeping the list, and to both Tom and
Huck Hutchens for joining us. Huck and Tom will be helping Steve with next
Monday and Tuesday's bird walks (respectively) while Laura goes owling in
the great north. If you join in their walks you are in for a real treat.
Guided walks leave the Visitor Center at 8:30 am every day but Sunday.

Laura and Steve Paulson
USFWS Volunteers
Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge
Alamo, Texas

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Date: Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 1:33 PM
Subject: eBird Report - Santa Ana NWR (LTC 059), Jan 30, 2018
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Santa Ana NWR (LTC 059), Hidalgo, Texas, US
Jan 30, 2018 8:24 AM - 12:09 PM
Protocol: Traveling
2.5 mile(s)
Comments: Santa Ana walk. Clear, 56-66F, calm
57 species

Blue-winged Teal 42
Cinnamon Teal 3
Northern Shoveler 45
Gadwall 12
American Wigeon 4
Northern Pintail 16
Green-winged Teal 24
Ruddy Duck 4
Plain Chachalaca 1
Least Grebe 4
Pied-billed Grebe 1
Great Blue Heron 1
White Ibis 2
White-faced Ibis 3
Northern Harrier 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk 1
Harris's Hawk 1
American Coot 28
Black-necked Stilt 22
Killdeer 2
Stilt Sandpiper 1
Least Sandpiper 2
Long-billed Dowitcher 36
Spotted Sandpiper 1
Greater Yellowlegs 7
Lesser Yellowlegs 2
White-tipped Dove 1
Common Pauraque 1
Buff-bellied Hummingbird 1
Belted Kingfisher 2
Golden-fronted Woodpecker 13
Ladder-backed Woodpecker 2
Merlin 1
Eastern Phoebe 2
Great Kiskadee 13
Rose-throated Becard 1 Continuing. Male
White-eyed Vireo 3
Green Jay 12
Cave Swallow 1
Black-crested Titmouse 4
Verdin 13
House Wren 1
Carolina Wren 2
Ruby-crowned Kinglet 2
Long-billed Thrasher 2
Orange-crowned Warbler 8
Nashville Warbler 1
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) 5
Yellow-throated Warbler 1
Olive Sparrow 2
Lincoln's Sparrow 1
Northern Cardinal 2
Hooded Oriole 1 With Altamira. White on front of wing, smaller than
Altamira Oriole 3
Red-winged Blackbird 18
Lesser Goldfinch 2
House Sparrow 1

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