Date: 1/30/18 6:12 am
From: Laura Jackson <jacksonlaura73...>
Subject: Hackberry Trees: Bedford Co.
I've also enjoyed the thread about birds feeding on hackberry trees. A
long time ago, we found one fruit-bearing, but very scrawny hackberry tree
on our property in Bedford Co., so we decided to plant more hackberry
trees. They are now about 15 years old and at least 30 feet tall. They
look healthy, but have never bloomed or produced fruit.

In addition to supplying food for birds, hackberry trees are the only host
plant for the hackberry emperor butterfly. Has anyone seen this butterfly
in Pennsylvania? We never have and we are hoping to attract it, as well as
the birds.

Does anyone on this list have experience growing hackberries? I'd love to
get some suggestions on how to "persuade" our hackberries to bloom.

Laura Jackson
Bedford Co.
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