Date: 1/29/18 11:23 pm
From: David Irons <llsdirons...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Mc Cowns Longspur, Klamath Falls area
I assume Peter is talking about Straits Drain, which is a great area for all the birds he mentions. It is the large north-south running irrigation canal that bisects the Oregon side of Lower Klamath NWR. It has well maintained gravel roads running along both sides. It meets Stateline Rd. opposite the west end of the auto tour route on the California side of the refuge. This area will offer spectacular birding from now through April, especially if want to tens of thousands of waterfowl.

Dave Irons

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> Forwarding a note by Peter Low about birding the weekend in Klamath area.
> Date: 01-29-2018 21:11
> From: PETER LOW <plbirder...>
> This weekend was my annual trip to Klamath Falls and on Saturday 1/27/18 I found a McCowen's Longspur with at least 20 Lapland Longspurs within a flock of about 200 Horned Larks. The number of birds plus their constant movement back and forth between fields and vegetation made it difficult to relocate each time. I would loved to have spent more time with this bird but time was a constraint. I did not see tail pattern but what I did see ruled out all other Longspurs.
> First noticed Longspur with plain buff face, lack of dark ear covert surround, prominent pale supercilium and unstreaked underparts. A darker Grayish band across chest mimicked pattern of adult breeding male. Rufous median coverts stood out as it was the only Rufous seen on the bird, also indicating a male in basic plumage. Bill, pale and looked heavier than nearby Lapland Longspur.
> Location was off Township Road, heading east it was I believe the first drain that was drivable, and about halfway down. Sorry I do not know the name of the Drain but on the left side field was stubble, on the right looked like very short grazed grass. Hopefully locals will know where I mean, so basically where grazing turns to arable.
> Opposite, on North side of Township was a flock of Horned Larks numbering about 400 birds but no Longspurs present. Just past mile marker 6 was huge flock of Blackbirds, 3000+, it contained many Tri-coloreds and 2 Yellow-headed Blackbirds, and saw One Cowbird.
> One other Bird of note was a Bewick's Swan seen very well and close. It was on LKWR auto route between C and B. Many thousands of waterfowl here, very spectacular. Also, 10 plus Cackling Geese here along with Ross's, Snow, Greater White-fronted and Tundra Swan, again time was a Constraint.
> Moore Park had One California Towhee and Several Titmouse.
> Peter Low.
> Bend Oregon.
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