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Subject: [obol] Mc Cowns Longspur, Klamath Falls area
Forwarding a note by Peter Low about birding the weekend in Klamath
Date: 01-29-2018 21:11
From: PETER LOW <plbirder...>

This weekend was my annual trip to Klamath Falls and on Saturday 1/27/18
I found a McCowen's Longspur with at least 20 Lapland Longspurs within
a flock of about 200 Horned Larks. The number of birds plus their
constant movement back and forth between fields and vegetation made it
difficult to relocate each time. I would loved to have spent more time
with this bird but time was a constraint. I did not see tail pattern but
what I did see ruled out all other Longspurs.
First noticed Longspur with plain buff face, lack of dark ear covert
surround, prominent pale supercilium and unstreaked underparts. A darker
Grayish band across chest mimicked pattern of adult breeding male.
Rufous median coverts stood out as it was the only Rufous seen on the
bird, also indicating a male in basic plumage. Bill, pale and looked
heavier than nearby Lapland Longspur.
Location was off Township Road, heading east it was I believe the
first drain that was drivable, and about halfway down. Sorry I do not
know the name of the Drain but on the left side field was stubble, on
the right looked like very short grazed grass. Hopefully locals will
know where I mean, so basically where grazing turns to arable.
Opposite, on North side of Township was a flock of Horned Larks
numbering about 400 birds but no Longspurs present. Just past mile
marker 6 was huge flock of Blackbirds, 3000+, it contained many
Tri-coloreds and 2 Yellow-headed Blackbirds, and saw One Cowbird.
One other Bird of note was a Bewick's Swan seen very well and close.
It was on LKWR auto route between C and B. Many thousands of waterfowl
here, very spectacular. Also, 10 plus Cackling Geese here along with
Ross's, Snow, Greater White-fronted and Tundra Swan, again time was a
Moore Park had One California Towhee and Several Titmouse.

Peter Low.
Bend Oregon.
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