Date: 1/29/18 12:08 pm
From: Elise W <ewolf97...>
Subject: [COBOL] songfinders & birds
Hi All,

Just a friendly reminder or note (to those who hadn't thought of this)
about playing songs of birds in the wild.

During breeding season, birds need all the energy and time they can
possibly muster to get territories, build nests, and feed hungry babies
that must be fed from dawn to dusk (up to 16 hours in a day here).

Anytime a bird has to come check you out as a source of a potentially
hostile invader or a hopeful new mate, that is taking precious time out of
their lives.

And while 'just one' time might have been true 30 years ago, its unlikely
that your playing of a song will be the only one now since all of our
trails are packed to the gills each summer now.

Note too: this summer is likely going to have high parasite loads for
everyone (in nest and out) as there will not have been much die-off. So
birds will have that to contend with on top of a likely dry summer.

Elise Wolf
Native Bird Care
Sisters, OR

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