Date: 1/29/18 10:29 am
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Subject: [pen-bird] No Field Sparrow - lots of raptors and Herring Gulls - Half Moon Bay.
Hello all,

The Field Sparrow has not shown up again. I think that I will look father
afield today, in the fields at the edge of the POST Wavecrest property by
Magnolia Ave. I think that is the closest and best habitat for this bird.
Needle in a haystack. I did just upload video (poor) of the bird, just in
case you want to see that.

The wind the last couple of days has had Herring Gulls moving by in numbers.
Over 100 today flying by on my dog walk, and I think I had over 50 fly over
while I barbecued in the backyard yesterday afternoon. Almost no Westerns
flying in with them, but a good number of California, Glaucous-winged,
hybrids and a tiny smattering of Mew.

Yesterday in a 5 minute period I saw a Cooper's Hawk, Sharp-shinned,
Peregrine Falcon and a Merlin go over the house. The Sharp-shinned (adult)
showed up today in the backyard, and may be a bird that we saw on Saturday
with Malia and Chris in the area. All have been of an adult, so I assume it
is one bird doing a siskin feed in the area. Pine Siskins have increased in
their movements in the last few days, and many are being blown out to the
coast by the offshore winds. I saw 40 or so battling to get back inland from
the ocean today.

Singing and breeding behavior - The starling that nests in the neighbor's
house started singing from the nest entrance. Seems early given that they
will not be at the nest until April. But there he was. Singing by Nuttall's
White-crowned Sparrows is going full force on sunny days, and Bewick's Wrens
are also doing their thing. My first American Robin song was heard about 10
days ago, others singing this weekend. In the last 2 weeks, the backyard
Gambell's White-crowned Sparrows have also started singing, but
halfheartedly. Song Sparrows started singing late last week. Anna's
Hummingbirds have left the feeders, and are at the edge of the local field
displaying now. Stuff is happening, already.

Good birding,


Alvaro Jaramillo

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