Date: 1/29/18 2:21 am
From: Herrmann, Claus C. <Claus.Herrmann...>
Subject: WRS Carbon County Route 134 01-27-18
County - Carbon WRS Route 134
Date - 01-27-18
Observers- Claus Herrmann
Total time actually surveying Hours:Minutes- 3 hrs 10min
Start time/End time 9:45 / 12:55
Miles on route 22.3 miles

TVs -1
BVs- -1

Harriers- 0

Red-tails- Ad./Imm./ND 10/0/5
Rough-legs- Light/Dark 0

Kestrels- M/F/ND- 0

Sharp-shins- 0

Cooper's - 2

Red-shoulders- Ad/Imm/ND 0

Bald Eagles- Ad/Imm. 0/4

Other raptors ? 0
2 areas with > 12 Ravens present

Shrikes? 0

Avg Temp.- 40
Sky- Clear/Pt cloudy/Cloudy- Clear to partly cloudy
Wind - Light/medium/strong- Light
Avg Snow cover depth - 0

Claus Herrmann
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