Date: 1/28/18 7:53 pm
From: Rob O'Connell <flashart123...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Re: Snowy Owls (2), South Portland (Jetport)
Brought my mother over just before 4PM to see the Snowy Owl and found 4 in
total. One was still at the Mac Jets building rotating between its apparent
home base of the snow mount just in front of the MAC Jets building on
Aviation Blvd., and several of the telephone poles in the area. Figuring at
least one more was around, we scanned the field and found a second in the
distance at the junction of runways 29 and 36. There was a lot of buzz with
birders and non-birders alike while there. Was happy to see many new faces,
many with their children stopping in to catch a glimpse of the visitor from
the north. Lots of people asking questions and everyone was courteous as
they excitedly shared their observations. Hopefully we will see some of
these kids and their parents out on the trails/parks/coasts in the future!
After leaving this spot, we ventured down to the end of Aviation Blvd.
where there may have been another bird but it was just too far to tell with
my optics. Giving up we headed out down Jetport Plaza Road and saw 2 more
on light structures along the perimeter road inside the airport fence. I
wasn't sure if I might have missed the first of these two relocating while
scanning further so we doubled back between them to confirm it really was a
4 owl day. Drove around Jetport Blvd. and found a Red-Tailed Hawk in the
swampy area at the corner near the Hilton Garden Inn.

I can easily see why people have been creating images of this bird for at
least the last 17000 years. It truly is inspiring...


On Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 11:18:17 PM UTC-5, <sal......> wrote:
> Late afternoon (4:30) around the Jetport,Fire Gate 3, at the junction of
> Jetport Plaza Rd & Westbrook St had a great, long (~30 minutes) view of a
> snowy inside the jetport. It was sitting on the stop sign next to the
> runway, actively looking around yet completely ignoring the landing jets
> hurtling by a mere few dozen yards away. (I wonder if any passengers
> noticed?)
> The second bird was visible while parked at the same location, but not as
> nice a view. #2 was perched on the top of the base of a landing light well
> to the left (west), more of a greyish-white blob without a scope. Bird #1
> regularly looked over at #2 but didn't seem perturbed.
> #1 took off at 5pm while I was looking at #2 (don't you hate it when you
> take the glasses away for just 30 seconds and it's GONE when you look
> back?). #2 was still in its place 5 minutes later when I finished up and
> left.
> Sharon Allsup

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