Date: 1/28/18 6:08 pm
From: Dave Leibert <xdave...>
Subject: Re: NJ Gyr
Hey Grant,

I was there today @ Merrill looking for the gyrfalcon along with dozens
of other birders.

Nothing much to report. The coolest part was when the 20,000 snow geese
on the lake would take off because a bald eagle flew past them. Quite a
ruckus .

According to NJ birds and a guy at the tower lookout they saw the gyr
today, Sunday, perched along the cove to the left of that lookout spot.

There was some excitement when someone shouted "Falcon"!! from behind
and we all turned around to see a large falcon flying past to the West.
This bird looked dark and flew in a level flight. To me it seemed to
have a deep wingbeat and it had a weird looking feather on the leading
edge of its left wing elbow.

The guy with the biggest scope there ID'ed the bird as an adult
peregrine. I've seen a lot of peregrines and I thought the wingbeat was
deep and this bird wasn't really hauling along. That is just my opinion.

Anyhow I live 10 miles from the reservoir so I am going back tomorrow .
A gyr would be a life bird for me!

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