Date: 1/28/18 1:00 pm
From: Teresa M <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: Wedding in the sky
I been sitting on a dead log each day about twenty yards away from our
feeders. Making a ebird list each day. Had to pay rent with my big
binoculars during the summer. So i thought I try for another, Contests are
fun to try anyhow.

So, while the dogs do their thing in the crunchy leaves behind me. Birds
often tweetie up my shoulders ,those that knew me before. Sitting on my
shoulders by my lap or those that walk boldly up to me tweeting about their
Loud cries in the sky, catch my attention since about the only bird calls I
know are predator ones. I stand to watch the mating wedding of two Red
Shoulder Hawks. Swooping in a mellow of dancing as they mated in that
bright sunny skies. One Black Vulture flies in front like a preacher
cloaked in black tie. Two Turkey Vultures flies behind them like witnesses
of their glorious moment. All are silent at feeder and bushes down below as
a moment of silent at the wedding conclusion. The Vultures flies
Off as the deed is done. The hawks no doubt flying to their new home happy
there after. The birds down below resume their busy lives. Since now that
spectacular wedding in the sky moment is gone. Teresa, Hector, AR

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