Date: 1/28/18 12:45 pm
From: Leo Miller <leo...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Sinaloa Wren 1/28
Seen today at 10:40am at the same location where it was reported by Brendan
and Paul Galvin yesterday (31.5569,-111.0470). This spot is 0.5mi south of the
gate to the DeAnza trail off Santa Gertrudis Lane. It was in the dense brush
just east of the "center trail" that runs between and parallels the River and
the DeAnza Trail. As Brendan pointed out, this bird is very skulky. It was
foraging with 2 Abert's Towhees. It often foraged beneath the leaf cover,
completely hidden, but would stick its head up once in a while. Eventually, it
came out in plain view and one could see its white supercilium, streaked cheek
and barred undertail coverts. After I found the bird I called Joy and Jon
Duerr. When they arrived I hadn't seen the bird for about 10min but Joy
located it a short distance to the south and many folks were able to see it.

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Leo Miller
Riverside, IL
Wintering in Green Valley

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