Date: 1/28/18 8:31 am
From: Dennis Porebski <dennis.porebski...>
Subject: Re: Fw: Interior cancels decades-old protections for migratory birds
Thank you for the link, Jerry. I enjoyed reading the article as it seemed
quite balanced, which is unusual these days.

I have summarized some of my thoughts on the matter if anybody cares to
read them below:

I must admit that I agree with many points in this well-written article;
however, I do have some reservations as well. Perhaps I have a different
perspective and worldview on this matter than others in this forum, but I
will express it to the best of my ability and communicate my opinions as
respectfully as I can.

First and foremost, I identify myself as a follower of Christ and the
Christian religion. Be that as it may, I realize that my views regarding
the environment may very well be influenced by this ideology (indeed they
are and must be), and more than likely will conflict with those who do not
adhere to its tenets and doctrine. Conversely, I believe there is a great
deal of common ground with those of a secular mindset, particularly
regarding the value and respect that should be placed upon the natural
world, in particular, involving avians. I have great respect, awe, and
reverence for the Creator's handiwork in the form of birds, as well as all
other creatures of the Creation. I am an avid birder/birdwatcher, and I
frequently spend time outdoors in their presence whenever I have the time
and energy to do so. That is why certain moves by this nation's
administration regarding environmental policy, particularly the Migratory
Bird Treaty Act, so greatly concerns me; but up to a point, I might add.

As a result of my a priori commitment to Christian ideals and doctrine, as
I'm sure many have with regards to their own views and ideologies, I have
an appreciation for creatures made by the Creator. However, I do believe
that some are more valuable than others, particularly humankind and the
special place man has in this world. That is not to say that all other
creatures are not important or deemed worthy of respect, protection,
and love. To the contrary, it is an imperative and command, found within
the pages of Scripture, to care for all of the Creation in a responsible,
ethical and reverential manner. That is why it grieves me to see and hear
those who claim to adhere to the tenets of the faith continue to disregard
its teaching while pillaging the Earth and its resources in a selfish
manner with no regard to the other beings of the natural world with whom we
share this planet. It is one thing to use natural resources to the
advantage and progress of mankind in a respectful and sustainable manner;
it is entirely different to treat those very same resources as expendable,
unlimited and unworthy of compassion. I place myself into the category of
the former, and I hope that in the very near future many will see this as
their primary mode of approach with regards to matters such as this;
granted, this should have been this way for quite a long time now, but I

I'm torn between the manner in which industry creates employment, and
therefore quality of life, for innumerable families and households, and the
wildlife which is many times grievously harmed by such industry in
inappropriate standards and practice. I believe in the greater progress of
humanity in responsibility and respectful stewardship of the Earth's
resources, but I also know that the heart of man is desperately wicked,
looking to selfish desires as the primary mode of living at the expense of
those around him. I do not like the flippant approach many politicians and
those with whom they are related view the natural world. However, I realize
that my tone is somewhat muted in comparison to environmentalists who see
the world differently than I as a result of a secular foundation to their
views. How to bridge this gap, I must confess, eludes me. I don't know what
the solution is to matters such as this (referring to the article's
content) although I wish I did; but I recognize its complexity and that
environmental policy that is beneficial to both sides of this debate is not
as simple as many would like to make it. If you have read this far, I
sincerely thank you for your patience and interest in reading my thoughts
as I've laid them out. I appreciate each and every one of you, and I enjoy
being a member of this forum. I also hope that I have not stirred too many
pots in a manner that would make any of you think less of me. I hope that
you all have a wonderful day. Know that our shared love for birds and the
natural world is something that we can all agree upon, regardless of our
political differences, as heated as they may sometimes be.

Sincerely Yours & For the Love of Birds,

Dennis Porebski

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