Date: 1/28/18 8:11 am
From: Bob Schutsky <info...>
Subject: Southeast Lancaster County WRS, 26 Jan 2018
Dear PABirders,

Tom Amico and I conducted the Southeast Lancaster County Winter Raptor
Survey (WRS) on Friday, 26 January 2018. This survey has been conducted
annually beginning in 2004. Conditions for this year's survey were
sunny, with a light SE breeze. Air temperature ranged from 32 to 40F.

Southeast Lancaster County WRS
26 January 2018
Bob Schutsky and Tom Amico
4 hrs and 52 min
9:55am to 2:47pm
62 miles

Turkey Vulture, 356 (previous high was 273 in 2009)

Black Vulture, 39

Red-tailed Hawk, 37 total (27 adults, 10 age not determined)

Peregrine Falcon, 2 total (1 adult male, 1 age & sex not determined)

Sharp-shinned Hawk, 1 total (age not determined)

Cooper's Hawk, 2 total (1 adult, 2 age not determined)

Bald Eagle, 9 total (7 adults, 2 immatures)

Buteo sp, 1

Hawk sp, 1

Average temperature, 36F
Sky, sunny entire survey, very few clouds
Wind, light from the SE
No snow cover
No ice on creeks, ponds mostly frozen

Other birds of note: Red-bellied Woodpecker, 11. Eastern Bluebird, 12.
Great Blue Heron, 1. White-crowned Sparrow, 3. Common Grackle, 40,000.
Red-winged Blackbird, 400.


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