Date: 1/28/18 7:30 am
From: Justin Bosler <justin.bosler...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Odessa Snowy Owl
The Snowy Owl was not observed this morning from the Crossroads Church up
thru 8:30 AM when I had to leave for work. There are several birders spread
out combing the area now. I have a feeling it's still around but not
readily visible.

Stay tuned!

Justin Bosler
currently in Upton County, TX

On Jan 27, 2018 6:39 PM, "Justin Bosler" <justin.bosler...> wrote:

> Returning to ground zero from the fabulous I-20 Wildlife Preserve.
> In case you're just arriving from out of town, the Snowy Owl is sitting on
> top of the Best Western Plus behind Discount Tire and Conn's Home Plus. I
> intend to watch it hunt tonight and search for pellets.
> Happy owling!
> Justin Bosler
> currently in Odessa, TX

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