Date: 1/27/18 6:06 pm
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Subject: [HMBirds] cohoes gulls
cathy graichen and I spent a little while at the cohoes power station and adjacent areas this afternoon looking for reported white-winged gulls there. John Hershey arrived while we were there. We had a single iceland gull seen briefly in flight. I think it was roosting on top of the power building, it flew out over the river and fairly quickly went out of view -- it was clearly a first-cycle iceland in flight (relatively slight build, smallish all-black bill), but we did not have enough of a look to positively ID what 'flavor' iceland. It could well have been the same kumlien's zach SW reported earlier today. We did not find any glaucous.

There were at least 5 bald eagles in the vicinity of the power station. We saw a very dark immature bird while John was there, and then later one with much more white below; both were around the area of open water just below the dam. Subsequently, while driving cathy and I found two more immatures on the ice upstream of the dam near the landfill pull-off, and then an adult and another immature on the ice well downstream of the dam.

While we were in the area, we drove up fonda road to green mtn rd to check for gulls there. Many were perched on one roof top along the road, and many more were seen around the top of the landfill. Overall, there were many more gulls in this area than were down around the dam and power station. Most were Herring, with a few dozen great black-backs. We again saw a single first-cycle iceland gull that took off from the rooftop and flew quickly away toward the landfill. General features were the same as the first bird, but again we did not get much of a chance to study the bird.

gregg recer

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