Date: 1/27/18 4:29 pm
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Subject: [pen-bird] Field Sparrow - 5 minute wonder? Half Moon Bay
Hello all,

Yesterday at about 4:15 pm, I saw a Field Sparrow in Half Moon Bay. The
bird was amazingly with a Clay-colored Sparrow once I focused in on the bird
it was with. I had to leave and 30 mins later, no birds were around. The
bird has NOT been seen today. The bird was in the front yard of a house, at
the corner of Granelli Ave, and Alsace-Lorraine in Half Moon Bay. If the
bird shows up, I will let folks know, and ask for respect to local
homeowners. Try not to park right at this corner if you are coming here, as
cars would obstruct the view of the yards where the bird may be. Look for
habitats that are open with short vegetation, that is what it was in
yesterday. I am thinking if the bird has been wintering in the area, this is
beyond the regular spots where it hangs around, as I likely would have
noticed it before. It may be good to look for sparrow flocks along the end
of Magnolia Avenue, or Railroad Avenue. However keep in mind that the Field
and Clay-colored were not with local flocks of crowned sparrows. Without a
second sighting, I am not sure of what to suggest in terms of finding the

Here are a couple of photos.

Key features to look for is that this is a small sparrow, slim and with a
long tail. The small bill is bright pink, and the eye has a bold white
eyering. The head is patterned with gray and dull rust. It appears that this
may be of the western subspecies, arenacea, as it was definitely larger than
the Clay-colored Sparrow. Eastern birds are similar in size to
Clay-colored/Chipping. Also it is less brightly buff and rust than an
average eastern Field Sparrow.

Good birding,


Alvaro Jaramillo

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