Date: 1/27/18 4:14 pm
From: mike hiotis <mchhiotis...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Warren County Gyr
Mike Britt stated, " There's no reason to believe this isn't the same dark
morph Gyrfalcon photographed three miles away with prey on 12-18-17 near

Agreed. The photo was taken by a local resident and Merrill Creek
hawkwatcher, Matt Domanski. He showed me the photo a few weeks later trying
to nail down the ID. I thought the bird to be an excellent candidate for
the "big one" status. The photo was shown to a highly skilled birder and
began it's movement thru the ID community channels. At the time Matt had
tried to relocate the bird without luck a number of times.There are
extensive farm fields along the Delaware River out there which would have
provided ample territory for this bird to get lost.This is in close
proximity to Merrill Creek Reservoir where "a bird" was spotted and
photograghed again.An excellent job by Mr. Domanski and the subsequent
observers with photos upon what is probably its' relocation. It was M.
Britt's advice for those able, to keep an eye out in the area since his
feelings were the bird could still be around.And. It is!Good luck if you

A note should be added that years ago(12 or so),a Gyrfalcon was
photograghed at Merrill on the point directly to the right of the dead wood
this bird used today... it was never seen again.

Mike Hiotis

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