Date: 1/27/18 3:44 pm
From: <foandla...> <foandla...>
Subject: Northampton county WRS
One of two Northampton county surveys for us.  Lots of birds in the air and most redtails seemed to be in pairs.
County-Northampton (NE)
Observers-Dan Zmoda, Brad Orey, Doug Burton
Time on Route-          3h 45m
Start/End-       1045/1430
Miles on Route-          44

#TVs-  45
#BVs-  41

#Harriers (Male/Female/Imm.)-        0

#Red-tails (Ad./Imm./ND)-42    21/0/21

#Rough-legs (Light/Dark)-    0

#Kestrels (M/F/ND)-2                1/0/1

Sharp-shins(Ad/Imm)-           0
Cooper's (Ad/Imm.)-  2   0/2

Red-shouldered hawks (Ad/Imm.)-   0

Bald Eagles (Ad./Imm.)-  3*   1/2      *Wesaw one imm at the GCS landfill (as well as the 2 Coops).  We ran into someone named Chris takingpictures there and he said he had an adult eagle and another imm that was notthe same one we saw as we were talking to him.

other raptors- unid accip  1, unidraptor  2

Shrikes or Owls-         0

Avg Temperature- 37-49        43
Sky(Clear/ Pt cloudy/ Cloudy)-         partlycloudy
Wind (light/medium/strong)-                        lightto medium
Avg Snow Cover-       none Other birds of note-Turkeys,bluebirds Other notes- one decrepit groundhog out already, new beaverdam at culvert on Saddle Brook Rd with lots of chew, eleven redtails at onestop, and has anyone else noticed a large number of hornet nests lately?  We had at least 7 today, probably the same onour Monroesurvey and close to 15 on the two CBCs I was on this year.  Dan ZmodaPen Argyl
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