Date: 1/27/18 1:56 pm
From: Bob Schutsky <info...>
Subject: Bald Eagle Nests, Southern Lancaster County
Dear PABirders,

Last week I posted the results of the SouthWestern Lancaster County
Winter Raptor Survey (WRS) that Nancy and I conducted. I that posting I
told you that the Bald Eagle nest near Wakefield had apparently fallen.

Well, good news! Yesterday Tom Amico and I found the new nest, about
200 yards from the previous nest site. And we saw one of the adults
nearby. The new nest looked very large, and in a secure spot in the
heavy crotch of a big tree. This bodes well for Wakefield Bald Eagles
this season.

And, while Tom and I were conducting the SouthEastern WRS yesterday, we
observed three Bald Eagle nests all within 1/4 mile of each other. They
are in Paradise, just south of US 30, between Belmont Road and Cherry
Hill Road. First was the nest that has been there for years. Then
there was a new nest, with no adult eagles present. And finally, there
another new nest with 2 adult eagles perched nearby. We'll have to keep
an eye on these nests to find out exactly what is happening with the
Bald Eagles in Paradise.

I will post the results of the SouthEastern WRS tomorrow. Tom and I had
a good day. Teaser: TWO Peregine Falcons!

And, MANY people will be watching the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday in
Super Bowl LII. GO EAGLES!!

Take care,

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