Date: 1/27/18 1:29 pm
From: jimmy lee LAST_NAME <leewah...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Sandhill Cranes, Red-headed Woodpecker - Somerset County

The nature trail at Colonial Park held 1 adult Red-headed Woodpecker ('50 yards' off the trail in its 'regular spot'), Eastern Bluebird, Red-tailed Hawk about 2:45.

In the far back of the cornfield at nearby Manville Causeway were about 12 Sandhill Cranes all were the field drops down (so not always visible, 3:40) seen from causeway shoulder. While driving to the causeway, we saw 3 cranes flying over Schoolhouse Rd and Weston Canal Rd headed in the general direction of the causeway field. But we did not see the cranes land.

Note: because of the rear of the field dropping down, if the cranes are back there they could be missed without patient scanning.

Good birding.

Jimmy Lee

South Brunswick, NJ

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