Date: 1/26/18 9:44 pm
From: Grant Stevenson <pahawkowl...>
Subject: owls, baby monitors
About 20 years ago, my birding partner and I had 8 EASO's in 20 mins. on
Cardinal Street on Lehigh Mountain, Salisbury TWP., Lehigh County. Some
other friends and I tried again on Tuesday: EASO 0, GHOW 0, and BAOW 0,
besides play backs from a cell phone app (Audubon), headlights on, staying
in car as a blind, etc. Not even a call note.

The time we saw the 8 was November. Maybe now that they are beginning to
breed, it possibly explains the silence. I feel real bad, and will do it
only in the fall next time.

For indoor-car/outdoor acoustics, try baby monitors from the dollar store
if on a budget. Some of the brands are not that bad sound-wise. Someone
told us about these on the eBird group when they had one.

However, if you have some bucks, the posted electronics method sounds
better. Like with optics, you tend to get what you pay for.

Grant Stevenson
Fountain Hill, Lehigh County
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