Date: 1/26/18 8:18 pm
From: Grant Stevenson <pahawkowl...>
Subject: Ruffed Grouse Cause of Population Plunge in PA: West Nile Virus

Status of Ruffed Grouse crash: West Nile Virus Research and Confirmation--
hunters, PGC (Ruffed Grouse biologist Lisa Williams), and Ruffed Grouse

"Hunters can do more-- eg., they have Pointers-- than birders and PGC
staff" ---Lisa. Indeed very correct, but we can still do SOMETHING. If not
in the field, than contribute/advocacy.

I've only seen two gray phase Ruffed Grouse in a habitat restoration
project in Trexler Park, about 25 years ago, in western Allentown, Lehigh

In aviafauna,

Grant Stevenson
Fountain Hill, Lehigh County

P.S. Let us not forget bobwhites!
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