Date: 1/26/18 2:23 pm
From: Don Morrow <donaldcmorrow...> [nflbirds] <nflbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [nflbirds] SMNWR--Friday
It was a cold, smoky morning at St. Marks NWR. Controlled burns from the
day before were still smoldering in the dark. The wind was up which
dampened sound resulting in few night birds. I did call up Barred Owls at
the Double Bridges and get a few Sora to respond to clapping. I also had an
American Bittern flying at dawn. I ended up with 88 species, including 20
waterfowl and 13 shorebird species. Some highlights of my day were:

*Stony Bayou II*

Snow Goose (single white phase bird)

Wood Duck (14)

Black Duck (18 including at least on hybrid Mallard/Black)

Mallard (104)

GW Teal (258)

Redhead (7)

Lesser Scaup (6)

Hooded Merganser (5)

Ruddy Duck (1)

Reddish Egret

*Lighthouse Pond*

BW Teal (3)

Northern Shoveler (7)

GW Teal 3)

Canvasback (15)

Redhead (102)

Ring-necked Duck (1)

Scaup (65, mostly Lesser)

Ruddy Duck 12)

*Picnic Pond*

Gadwall (22)

American Wigeon (169)

Northern Pintail (15)

Redhead (19)

Scaup (21 mostly Lesser)

Bufflehead (8)

There are lots of Ring-necks on Headquarters Pond, along with a
Yellow-crowned Night Heron and a Purple Gallinule. I had eight Goldeneye
along the bars in the mouth of the St Marks River. There was a pale gray
Peregrine hunting over Mounds Pool III. Go birding Saturday before the
rains come in.

Don Morrow
<donaldcmorrow...> <donaldcmorow...>
Tallahassee, FL

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