Date: 1/26/18 9:05 am
From: David Arbour <arbour...>
Subject: Red Slough Birding Convention
The dates for this year's Red Slough Birding Convention will be May 5 - 8.
Our keynote speaker this year will be Greg Lasley (
xUZLsqB_Hp62z64Qt7huI4JBmbN4y_k8tKmA&e=> ). Greg is a
wildlife photographer and naturalist from Texas. Greg will be giving a
presentation on "Jaguars and More - a Brazilian Adventure" and another on
the "Dragonflies and Damselflies of Texas". Our other speaker will be
Steven Hunter who spends most of his time photographing the natural wonders
of Oklahoma and Arkansas. The title of his presentation will be "Blessed by
the Light; Nature Photography". The convention also provides guided tours
to the Red Slough WMA, the Little River NWR, and the McCurtain County
Wilderness Area. These tours provide the easiest way to see hard to find
species in Oklahoma such as King Rail, Least Bittern, Purple Gallinule,
Swainson's Warbler, and Red-cockaded Woodpecker. You may also get to see an
American Alligator. So check out our updated website at
&s=wUfRk9qh00v80xqGyyxqw77jWP_eGwds9nkQSJ6VptA&e=> for more information and registration.

David Arbour

De Queen, AR

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