Date: 1/26/18 9:04 am
From: Barb Elliot <nflickerbarb...>
Subject: Hearing Outside Birds Inside
I am interested in being able to hear outside birdsong inside my house to
alert me to the presence of birds when my windows are closed. I am
especially interested in having such a system during spring migration so I
can hear on an indoor speaker the sound of a singing/chipping bird picked
up by a microphone in my yard. I think it would be great to know what
birds are around this way and be able to go outside to see them. My yard
is about a half acre and I'd like a microphone that is sensitive enough to
pick up calls/songs not just from around my feeders, but from birds
elsewhere on my or adjoining properties and maybe even flyovers that may be

Can anyone recommend such a system? I am aware of the TMB company that
makes a wired system called Nature's Window 3 Outdoor Sound Monitor. I
would be willing to purchase this or a wireless system, but would like to
have feedback or recommendations from anyone who has used this type of

You can email me directly at <nflickerbarb...>

Thanks very much,
Barb Elliot
Chester County
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