Date: 1/26/18 7:39 am
From: Michael Leahy <mrl706...>
Subject: WRS - Crawford County
Hello All,

Here are the results of the WRS for Crawford County South-East route that
we ran yesterday.

Participants were Gary Edwards, Paulette Colantonio, Jim Wilson and Myself.
Conditions were perfect to start with sunny blue skies, little wind and
temperature of 22 degrees. Clouds moved in just before lunch and the birds
became much more difficult to locate. The afternoon turned out to be pretty

*#TV’s – None*

*#BV’s – None*

*#Harriers – (Male/Female/Imm,) – None*

*#Red-tails – (Adult/Imm. /ND) – 18 Total (16 Adult/1 Imm./1 ND)*

*#Rough-legs - (Light/dark) – 4 – All Light Phase*

*#Kestrels- (Male/Female/ND) 3 Total (2 Adult/1 Imm)*

*#Sharp-shin - (Adult/Imm.) – None*

*#Cooper’s – (Adult/Imm. ) - None*

*#Red-shoulder – (Adult/Imm. ) – 6 Total (4 Adult/1 Imm/1 ND)*

*#Bald Eagle –(Adult/Imm. )- None*

*Other Raptors – None*

*Shrikes – None*

*Average Temp.- Sky – (Clear/Pt cloudy/Cloudy) Wind
(light/medium/strong) 0 *

*Snow cover depth – Dusting to 1 inch.*
We also had 4 Ravens and a flock of 7*Wild Turkeys*

*Michael R Leahy*
*Knox, PA*
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