Date: 1/25/18 5:06 pm
From: Cody Massery <cmassery...>
Subject: Fwd: Goose
Herschel Randy asked me to forward thing a long to ARBird.

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From: Herschel Raney <hrdragonfly1958...>
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2018 6:26 PM
Subject: Goose
To: Cody Massery <codymassery...>

I can't currently reply to ARBirds Cody.

But if you can send this along.

This Goose was fair game in the state and the hunters are totally blameless. It is duck and goose harvest time here. And most hunters who take the time to hunt geese and ducks are Federal Stamp buying high consumers in the state. Or just our local farmers enjoying this sport in the off farming season (if there is such a thing). If I still hunted geese I could have been the one who shot it. Flying with Canadas or Specklebellies, one could not be expected to avoid this bird somehow. This goose was offered for study and measurement afterward. This was not a requirement. I thank them for doing it. I would venture that there was only about a ten percent chance that it didn't just get prepped and cooked in anonymity otherwise.

The presumption that all hunters are rednecks in the state is inaccurate. I was a hunter. My father was a hunter. (Admittedly, this may not be that good of evidence for redneckedness or not.) We are lucky you can still choose to hunt flying fowl here in our state with its abundant natural areas. Check the eastern US map sometime again soon and note how we stand out.

Cody is correct that these guys are on the conservation team. So this is cool no matter how you look at it. I had previously not even considered looking for one of these geese in our big goose flocks. Prior records are from Nebraska and Iowa. In our goose rich state, I guess I should have been aware.

Herschel Raney
Conway AR

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