Date: 1/25/18 7:48 am
From: Don Simons <Don.Simons...>
Subject: Kiting Eagles

Sunrise caught me on Overlook Drive watching six bald eagles riding southerly winds. At first, it looked like a kite fest. They seemed motionless with invisible strings keeping them in place. Upon closer examination, I could see minor adjustments in their wings to maintain their position. The leader happened to be an adult who seemed to be conducting a class for beginners in "Kiting 101." Recess time came when the instructor drifted away and children began to play. They seemed to take turns as one would dive toward another who would flip up to expose its belly and talons for an instant to its on comer. Sometimes a short chase would ensue. Even a second adult got in on some of the action. Eventually, they all drifted away. Passing by as close as 200 feet. I had great light conditions but no camera.

This was a great 10 minutes that makes me appreciate working for Arkansas State Parks. I get to witness moments of nature at its best while working to conserve habitat that makes them possible.

Don R. Simons

Mount Magazine State Park

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