Date: 1/25/18 7:36 am
From: Cody Massery <cmassery...>
Subject: Re: First State Record Bean-Goose!
While I can definitely see why many may see this as 'not cool.' I think it is good to remember that hunters not only buy license which goes directly towards conservation but that many of them create habitat for our wildlife on their own time with their own money. Which plays an important role in re-fueling while migrating or just simply allows for individuals to stay in an area for their entire lifetime or at least parts of the year. This is extremely important now more than ever since we are loosing more and more habitat to things like urbanization everyday. I'm not discrediting wildlife watchers because they also contribute to conservation as well. I just hope that we can be open minded to sports/hobbies that are consumptive as well. Because in the end we are all a team and need to work together in order to conserve our habitat and species not only in Arkansas but across the world.

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Cool. Not cool.

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Either a Taiga or Tundra Bean-Goose has been taken by a hunter in eastern Arkansas. Regardless of species this is of course a first state record and one of the few for North America!

Dan Scheiman
Little Rock, AR

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