Date: 1/25/18 4:22 am
From: Steve Fordyce <000000fdf165cdb9-dmarc-request...>
Subject: 2018 WRS
2018 WRS Berks Co.
Route covering north of Fleetwood and roads around Blue Marsh R.A. and Lake Ontelaunee.
Time- Started at 10:20 am - Total 4 hrs. 10min.
72 miles
Weather- Cloudy with occasional breaks of sun, windy high 37 degrees.
Snow cover- 0

TVs- 31
BVs- 45 high total for this count.
Harriers- 2 1 male ( silvergray above white below), 1 juv. (brown above rufuos sides very noticable).
Rough-legs- 0
Accipiters- 0
Red-shoulders- 0
Bald Eagles- 3 adults
unid. buteos- 2
Snowy Owl- 1 Seen at the Fleetwood site along Mertz Road.

Steve Fordyce
Dryville Pa.
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