Date: 1/24/18 9:18 pm
From: Lamont Brown <lamont...>
Subject: [texbirds] Ferruginous Hawk SE Denton Co Wed 24 Jan

Wednesday afternoon 1-4 pm I was running traps on the Tribute Shoreline in
Wynnwood Park, on the East side of Lake Lewisville, Denton County, when
soaring at least 2000 feet to the SE of my location was a Ferruginous Hawk.
And this may be a conservative height estimate.

When I first saw this bird with my naked eye, as it was somewhat glistening
in the sunlight, I thought a very small plane at about 4k feet, Upon
putting bins on it straight away I knew Buteo and the species. It had a
very clean white body, whitish wings and (from that distance) black
fingerlings on the wing tips. At that distance above the ground I could
never see the back or any small detail, such as eyes or legs. But the GISS
and coloration clearly said FEHA.

My assumption is this individual is starting/continuing migration. But in
case that is not the case, and other listers want to look up on Thursday, it
would have been in flight somewhere between extreme SE Denton County and the
South of Frisco.

Lamont Brown

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