Date: 1/24/18 2:40 pm
From: Lyndal York <lrbluejay...>
Subject: Possible Snowy Owl
Received the following report to the rare bird database:

"Snowy Owl","1","Montgomery"," 01/23/2018"," 2 Mi East of Mount Ida, AR","
We have seen a large white bird high in tree and in flight. It is quite a
distance away. I am not a bird-watcher and do not have high powered scope
or camera. First seen Jan 18, 2018. I cannot make a 100% positive ID.
Perhaps someone in your organization would like to drive out to see if they
can ID this bird."," Wayne & Louise Oates"," <quilterbug...>"

Perhaps a birder in the area would like to check this out and let the
listserv know the outcome.

Lyndal York
Curator, Arkansas Audubon Society

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