Date: 1/24/18 12:48 pm
From: Dick and Pat Williams <dickpatwilliams...>
Subject: WRS - Southeastern Dauphin Co.
This is the 17th year for this route through southeastern Dauphin Co.
South and east of the Swatara Creek to the Lancaster and Lebanon county

County - Dauphin

Date - 1-24-2018

Observers- Richard and Patricia Williams

Total time actually surveying Hours:Minutes- 3 hours, 20 minutes

Start time/End time 10:09 - 14:10 [ Minus 40 minutes for lunch]

Miles on route - 50

TVs - 42 (a little above average)

BV's - 4 (numbers fluctuate from 0 to more than 50 over the past 17 years)

Harriers- 0 (Disappointing since we've seen Harriers in Adams, Lancaster,
Lebanon, and Montour counties this January.)

Red-tails- Ad./Imm./ND 12 Ad. / 0 Imm. / 0 ND - total 12 (well below
average, only lower count was 7 in 2014)

Rough-legs- Light/Dark - 0

Kestrels- M/F/ND- 1 M / 1 F - total 2 (Equals lowest count from 2016.
During our first ten years we were averaging above 10, clearly a downward
trend for the last seven years.)

Sharp-shins- 0

Cooper's - 0

Red-shoulders- Ad/Imm/ND - 0

Bald Eagles- Ad/Imm. - 2 Adults (Along the Royalton waterfront)

Other raptors (include age for GE, goshawks) - 0


Avg Temp.- 40 F

Sky- mostly cloudy

Wind - Light/medium/strong- medium, 10-15 mph
Avg Snow cover depth - none
Some farm ponds were still frozen. Swatara Creek was at or near flood
stage at Hershey and Middletown. Susquehanna River was open along the
eastern half with strong current and some ice chunks and debris.

Only other interesting sighting was along Rt. 341 just west of Lawn Rd.
(still in Lebanon Co.) on the way to our count route. In a flooded field
we found seven Greater White-fronted Geese along with Canada Geese and
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