Date: 1/24/18 10:16 am
From: Bob & Carol Yutzy <boby...> [shasta_birders] <shasta_birders-noreply...>
Subject: [shasta_birders] Soliciting your corrections, comments, and input on - An annotated Supplemental Shasta County Bird Checklist (long)
Hello all,

We have uploaded a new file to Shasta Birder's Yahoo Group of our
annotated records of supplemental species from the Shasta County Bird
Checklist.  This includes Records from almost 40 years of sightings from
our two Shasta County databases(AviSys & Plover), from Shasta Birders
Yahoo group reports and emails, from Wintu AudubonNewsletter field trip
reports, from North Amercian Birds (NAB) magazine/journal Vol. 27-#1
(1972) to Vol. 69-#3(2015), Shasta County NAB reports for all 2016 and
Spring & Summer 2017, credible eBird reports, local CBC records, and
from personal communications.

If you would prefer the document as an attached Excel document to an
email, please let us know.

By the way, you can use the FIND function in Excel to look for your name
or a bird's name to make reviewing records easier.

This project began when Ken Able mentioned it would be a shame to lose
all the Shasta County records we have kept over the years, so we have
completed a first edition of our collection of Shasta County records for
your input, comments, and corrections.   Because a record is listed does
not mean it is fully substantiated.  However, clearly a number of
species should be moved to the regular county checklist at the next

As we receive corrections and additions to the list we will upload new
versions (this is called version 1) until we have a more final document.

Hope you find it interesting and useful,

Bob & Carol Yutzy, Shasta, CA

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