Date: 1/24/18 6:53 am
From: <mankinsba...>
Subject: Re: Ruby-crowned Kinglet in Preston County, Northern Harrier in Hardy County
Thank you for this posting. I had what I was very certain were two Ruby Crowned Kinglets last Tuesday, 1/16/18, in Pleasants County in St. Marys. They were actively feeding in a large Pin Oak in my neighbor's yard. I was quite surprised when I saw them. There was several inches of snow and cold temps at the time and my feeders were full of birds. Our development fronts a ridgeline with woods but to see them this time of year I was surprised.

Beth Mankins

---- Terry Bronson <tbronsonbirds...> wrote:
> A long day began at the WVU Reedsville Farm in Preston County, where no
> Greater White-fronted Geese, nor any geese at all, were present.
> At the Army Reserve wetlands at the headquarters on Route 72 south of Route
> 7, the Ruby-crowned Kinglet discovered a couple of days ago by David
> Daniels was still present, along with 4 Yellow-rumped Warblers.
> Mount Storm Lake was empty of birds, as usual.
> At Hogueland Road in Grant County, the only birds present were American
> Crows, Turkey Vultures, and Rock Pigeons.
> At Brighton Park south of Moorefield in Hardy County, 2 female Common
> Mergansers were accompanying a male Red-breasted Merganser.
> At the end of Webb Lane at Old Fields in Hardy County, 1 gray ghost male
> Northern Harrier was swooping over the fields in the distance.
> A bit further north near where Reynolds Gap Road meets Route 220, there
> were 3 American Kestrels within a 2-mile stretch.
> At Ridgely in Mineral County, no birds were present on the WV shore, but
> there were hundreds of Canada Geese on the Maryland shore. No white geese,
> no gulls. Not impossible there could have been a Greater White-fronted
> Goose, but the view was distant, and I didn't have time to hike along the C
> & O towpath on the Maryland side.
> --
> Terry Bronson
> Morgantown, WV
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