Date: 1/23/18 9:10 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Signs of Spring
Aside from the days getting longer another sign that we are heading
towards Spring are the number of pairs of hawks I've been seeing. 
Sometimes they are just in the same tree but mostly they are side by
side.   Yesterday morning when walking my dog we saw the  Red-shouldered
hawk perched on the snag at the entrance of the subdivision.  It was
soon joined by another one coming from across the road.  They look so
beautiful in that soft morning light.  Seeing them was a great way to
start the day but it got even better when we got back home.

I was thrilled to see Cedar Waxwings sharing the birdbath with
Bluebirds, Song Sparrows, etc.  They would leave but came back several
more times.  In addition to the usual suspects there were also a few
Robins.  The pair of Field Sparrows bathing was a special treat.

Bruni Haydl

Charlestown, WV
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