Date: 1/23/18 8:35 am
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Subject: [JERSEYBI] the weirdest places
My sister, who isn't much of birder, called me last week to ask if she
could have seen a short-eared owl at our family farm in East Brunswick.
She said she pulled out a bird book and that was the closest thing it
looked like. I said, well, you could have seen a short-eared but it isn't
likely because the habitat wasn't right (a smallish pasture surrounded by
tall trees). She said she took pictures. Send 'em over, I said. "I don't
know how (she's not that tech savvy either). I'll have to ask our niece"
. Finally, over a week later the pictures arrive. It wasn't a
short-eared. I thought it might have been a red-tailed hawk because
there's so much variability in their appearance and it looked like some
type of buteo, but that didn't seem right either. Red-shouldered? Nah.
Broad-winged? Nah. Anymore, I'm really, really lazy, so I sent it off to
a friend to get an ID. The verdict? A Rough-legged! Of course! Amazing
the weird places that birds can show up.

Other raptor ramblings: On our farm here in Somerset we've seen an adult
red-shouldered hawk hanging around the wetlands starting about a week ago,
and every so often when I go to my apiary to check on how many of my honey
bees went belly-up this winter I'll spot a gray ghost floating, dipping
and twirling over one of our fallow fields (the fields are crazy with
meadow voles). Red-tails are around all the time.

Good birding and BEE well (hee-hee) to all,

Cathy Blumig
Somerset, NJ

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