Date: 1/22/18 5:34 pm
From: Lee Guichan <guichan.lee...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Presidio, Polo Fields, G.G. Park
Saturday morning at Crissy Field there was one Ross's Goose, one Snow
Goose, fourGreater White-fronted geese & Canada Geese all chopping on the
long grass.

Lloyd Lake there were four females & two male Hooded Mergansers.

Sunday morning at Harding Park golf course there was one Merlin sat in a
tree for 20 minutes.
Near the wooden bridge there were two Anna's Hummingbirds, three Western
Grebes, One Great Blue Heron, one Red-shouldered Hawk, two Red-tailed
Hawks, three Common Yellow Throats, one Downy Woodpecker, five Fox
sparrows, four Song Sparrows, 7 Ruddy Ducks & two Night Herons.

Polo Fields today about 11:30 am there was one Ross's Goose, one Snow
Goose, four Greater White-fronted geese & 25 Canada Geese shortly after
they flew to Spreckels Lake except for 20 which flew in later .

I followed them over to Spreckels Lake where they swam in the lake, later
they got out to preen.
There was one Red Necked Grebe there,One Pied Billed Grebes, six Ruddy
Ducks, three domesic geese & five Mallard Ducks.

Lee Guichan
San Francisco

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