Date: 1/22/18 11:17 am
From: john flannigan <rublzrme...>
Subject: Merlin-Allegheny county
Michelle Mannella and I pulled into the Imperial Truck stop in Allegheny county today hoping for a Rough-Legged hawk which never materialized and spotted what we initially thought was a Sharp-Shinned Hawk based on its small size sitting in a tree right in front of us that turned out to be a Merlin on closer inspection. That's the third Merlin I have seen this winter in western Pennsylvania and the second Michelle has seen this winter which includes the one we saw on the South Park CBC spotted by Joe Papp. Surprisingly, I have seen only one Kestrel so far this winter but the Merlins seem omnipresent for whatever reasons. Its been a pleasant surprise that they have been this conspicuous thus far.

Enjoy your birding,

John Flannigan

Allegheny county
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