Date: 1/22/18 8:57 am
From: Susan Treesh <sktreesh...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Requesting updates on government shutdown status at federal sites
Would it be possible for people to report updates on federal site
statuses (either way) once a day on Jerseybirds, if they are in a
position to do so?  If you put the title format as: Shutdown update:
Forsythe OPEN (or Great Swamp, or Sandy Hook, or similar) it will be
very easy to see if someone has already reported it. If you can put the
open or closed in the title, you can simply put a "n/t" in the body and
the title will be enough to tell the story.

I see that the great Mississippi River NWR of Riverlands is closed, so
it may be that closures are inconsistent at this time.  And Forsythe
says on Facebook that they are not updating their social media during
the closure - but that too may be inconsistent.

The text message services are too fragmented to be of general use for this.

Susan Treesh

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