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Also, for what it’s worth, it’s often Cooper’s Hawks taking the chickens. The Cooper’s Hawks, appear, grab one, take off, as Cooper’s Hawks are wont to do. The chicken owners see a Red-tail and shoot it because they’re big and obvious. But not always the guilty party, in fact usually not.

Chris Hill
Conway, SC

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Teri Lynn,

Studies done in the 30's showed that Red-tailed Hawks and other birds of prey are a net benefit to domestic fowl, as they prefer rodents and control rodent populations that prey on eggs. While law enforcement can be used as a last resort the better method is to provide the farmer with education.

The Clemson Extension agent could be helpful.

Steve Compton

Greenville, SC


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Subject: Hawks being shot and killed

I know it is illegal to kill birds of prey. I met some people living out
in the country this weekend whose chickens are being taken by the red
tailed hawks; they are free range chickens, so are out and about all the
time. This is in Georgetown County near Williamsburg County. They stated
that they have shot several red tails in the past few weeks to try and
save their chickens. But there are still hawks taking the chickens. (I
saw, heard two while there).

I suggested keeping chickens penned, getting a Great Pyrenees dog (like
my goat farm lady uses to protect her chickens, which are penned). I also
pointed out that killing hawks was illegal, but it didn¹t seem to bother
them. I was quite distraught.
I don¹t know the names of farmers, but what can be done about this?

Thanks for any advice.

Teri Lynn
back in Charleston now

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