Date: 1/22/18 7:40 am
From: Anant Deshwal <adeshwal...>
Subject: Red Crossbills
I have attached the link to the article published in Livingbirds on Red Crossbill irruption this year ( <>). Be on a lookout for Red Crossbills, we will continue to host them till March and based on what we have been finding so far, there are more spectacular results and findings that await us.
To quote from the article:
The last major Red Crossbill irruption was during the winter of 2012–13.
Based on early observations, this winter is shaping up to be even more spectacular. Observers in the upper Midwest saw an unusually large number of crossbills this past summer, says Young. eBird data indicate that in June and July, large numbers of Red Crossbills were moving down the West Coast as far as Southern California. As summer progressed, reports poured in from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan as the wave of Red Crossbills spread eastward. An observer at Stony Point near Duluth, Minnesota, counted nearly 1,100 Red Crossbills <> moving south along the shore of Lake Superior in late October, an all-time high count for the state according to eBird.

Anant Deshwal
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

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