Date: 1/22/18 7:13 am
From: Bob Fowles <rbf...>
Subject: WRS 2018 Mifflin County Kishacoquillas (Big) Valley Route
Winter Raptor Survey, Kishacoquillas (Big) Valley Route, Mifflin County
Saturday 01/20/2018

Observers: Bob Fowles (driver), Jay Zook, Louie Peight, Amos Swarey

Start time: 10:00 Stop time: 16:15
Total time on route: 6:15 Hours:minutes

Miles on route: 72.7
57 Total raptors

4 Black Vultures
6 Harriers ( 5 F or IMM, 1 M)
24 Red-tails ( 18 AD, 6 ND)
16 Kestrels (9 M, 5 F, 2 ND)
1 Sharp-shinned (ND)
5 Bald Eagles (3 AD, 2 IMM)

1 Unidentified raptor

Avg Temp: 43F
Avg Sky: partly cloudy
Avg Wind: strong
Avg Snow: 1"

Other species: GB Heron, Mockingbird, House Sparrow, Horned Lark, Rock Pigeon, Starling, Gadwall, Mourning Dove, Crow, Raven, Snipe, Red Headed Woodpecker, White-breasted Nuthatch, Mallard, Eastern Bluebird, Junco, Carolina Wren

Route Description: Front Mt Road, Back Mt Road, and connecting roads between Front and Back Mt Roads and Rte 655. All areas are east of the Huntingdon line (.7 mi west of Zook Rd on 655) and west of US 322.

[AD=adult, IMM=immature, M=male, F=female, ND=Not Determined]
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