Date: 1/22/18 6:15 am
From: Bob Fowles <rbf...>
Subject: WRS 2018 Centre County Route 9 (SR 550 area)
Winter Raptor Survey
Centre County Route 9 (SR 550 area)
Thursday 1/18/2018

Observers: Bob Fowles (driver), Ron Crandall

Start time: 10:15 Stop time: 1:55
Total time on route: 3:40 Hours:Minutes
Miles on route: 34

13 Total raptors

1 Turkey Vulture
2 Black Vultures
7 Red-tails (6 AD, 1 ND)
1 Sharp-shinned (AD)

2 unidentified raptors

Avg Temperature: 23F
Avg Sky: Perfectly clear
Avg Wind: strong
Avg Snow: 2”

Other species: Junco, Crow, Mallard, Goldfinch, Starling, Rock Pigeon, Bluebird

Route Description: SR 550 and intersecting side roads from Centre County line at western end of Rt 550 up to, but not including, Bernel Road at the eastern end.

Comment: We normally have Kestrels on this route, and we usually see more birds in flight. Both may have been due to the lower temperature and strong wind.
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