Date: 1/21/18 5:06 pm
From: Linda Thompson <lthom781...> [arlingtonbirds] <arlingtonbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [Arlington Birds] Adult Bald Eagle at Medford Dam 1/21/18
I stopped off at the Dam around 11:00 or so. A few of use were hoping an
Eagle would show. Finally an Adult Eagle flew into the Eagle tree. Stayed
quite awhile and flew off. I went on up to the Upper Lake fore bay. Didn't
see anything except a Swan taking a bath the further end of the fore bay.
Went back to the dam. The Eagle hadn't returned.

I have posted a few photos at:
Mystic Lakes 2018 album. I am not sure if anyone can get into my 1917 album
or not now. I am still trying to work on Adobe Elements15 but posting from
Google Photos.

Enjoy the warm weather

Linda Thompson

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